Hybrid Board Meetings

The pandemic, despite desire of many board members to resume in-person meetings has forced us to continue to meet online. This hybrid model is not going away and boards must figure out a way of running effective meetings that can accommodate both in-person as well as remote attendees.

To ensure that meetings remain productive to ensure that meetings are productive, the chair of the board needs to adhere to the agenda and provide clear guidelines. Digital tools can also to speed up the process of meetings by permitting attendees to work through the agenda faster. It is also essential that remote and in-person attendees receive the same materials ahead of time. This could include documents and slides that are used during the meeting, as in addition to any notes or information that was sent out in advance.

Prioritizing participation in hybrid meetings will ensure that all board members are on the same level. It is vital to ensure that the virtual platform works correctly and that all the links have been downloaded and clicked before the meeting starts. In addition, having a designated staff member login to the meeting to observe these functions will enable you to identify and fix any issues before they become a problem.

In the same way it is beneficial to turn off the microphone when itsboardroom.com you’re not speaking will eliminate background noises and echos. This will allow everyone to concentrate on the discussion that is in front of them. Before beginning the meeting, it’s a good idea for you to close any extra tabs and pause any music or videos. A board management software that is accessible will ensure that your meeting is more inclusive for people who suffer from hearing, speech and vision disabilities.

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